Getting to the Conference via Train, Plane & Metro

Our campus is located on the northwest side of the city with very good metro (subway) and bus access even though we are located 3-4 kilometers north of the city center. Saint Louis’ campus address (main office building, Padre Arrupe Hall) is:

Avenida del Valle, Nº34

Madrid 28003 SPAIN

Tel. +(34) 91 554 58 58

In turn, the venue for conference panels will be the newly opened (as of 2013) San Ignacio Hall. The facility is located around the corner from the main office on an adjacent street at:

Calle de las Amapolas Nº3

Madrid 28003 SPAIN

San Ignacio Hall, the perpetually festive conference venue, looks like this as you approach the front gate:


Here are a couple of maps to help your trajectory. The first displays more of the surrounding barrio with San Ignacio Hall marked by a red “x” (yes, you may click on the image to enlarge!):


And now here is an enlarged view of the streets that surround San Ignacio Hall which is marked by the number “3” in this schematic (once again, click to enlarge):


Visuals aside, below we present narrative accounts that detail how to reach the campus.


The closest metro stop to campus is Guzmán el Bueno, which is located on Line 6 (Grey, also known as the “Circular”) and line 7 (Orange). Other metro stops are within walking distance: Islas Filipinas (Line 7 [Orange]), Cuatro Caminos, (Lines 1 [Pale Blue], 2 [Red] and 6 [“Circular”/Gray]) and Moncloa (Line 3 [Yellow]) .You may also arrive by bus on Lines 2, 12, 44, 45, 202, C, F, N18.

To be more concrete, here is the schematic map of Madrid’s superlative metro system that figures into the descriptions below as well:


From the Atocha train station south of downtown Madrid, one can reach the Saint Louis campus via Line 1 (“Pale Blue”) to Cuatro Caminos and then transfer to Line 6 (“Circular”/Gray) and get off at Guzman El Bueno. Alternatively, taxis are lined up by the exit and cost 12-18€ to reach the campus. From Atocha, downtown Madrid is easily reach by Line 1 (Metro stop Sol) or in a short taxi ride for about 5€.

From the other main train station, Chamartín on the north side of Madrid, one can reach the Saint Louis campus by taking metro line 10 (Blue) to Gregorio Maranon; then transfer to Line 7 (Orange) and stop at Guzman El Bueno. From Chamartín, downtown Madrid can be reached in about 40 minutes by taking Line 10 (“Blue”) to Plaza Castilla and transferring to Line 1 for the duration of the journey to metro stop Sol (in the event one goes to a downtown hotel prior to the conference event). Alternatively, a taxi from Chamartín to the Saint Louis campus would cost about 5-10€ and a taxi itinerary to downtown Madrid would be 12-15€.


From Adolfo Saurez/Barajas Airport, in a near suburb of the city, one can arrive at the Saint Louis Campus in taxi for about 20-25€. As soon as you leave the international terminal, you’ll find lines of taxis waiting for you. Hop in and give the driver our campus address. It should take no more than 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the traffic. To reach downtown Madrid, if your hotel is located there, a taxi will cost 30€ (the legal maximum fare from Barajas Airport).

To go from Barajas to the Saint Louis campus via Madrid’s metro system, take Line 8 (“Pink”) to the Metro stop Neuvos Ministerios; then, transfer to Line 6 (“Circular”/Gray) and proceed to the metro stop Guzman El Bueno. With this one simple transfer, you can reach our campus in about 25 minutes. The cost is 5 or 6€ including an “airport supplement”. Going via the metro from Barajas to downtown Madrid is more complicated as there are multiple routes with associated transfers that will suffice; perhaps the easiest route is to ride Line 8 from Barajas to Neuvos Minesterios and then transfer to the “Cercanias” suburban rail system to reach the stop at Sol.


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