Shout Outs: Our Post-Conference “Thank Yous”

Our first shout outs are to Administrators at SLU-Madrid. Campus Director Paul Vita and Dean Anne McCabe get the nod for their support of hosting conferences (in general, and this one in particular).

Special Thanks to Chris Chavez for above-and-beyond promotion & dedication in all phases of the event.

Mil gracias to the most high-profile producers of discourse at the conference as Speakers: Keynote Speaker Núria Triana and Featured Speaker Janet Wasko.

Further thanks radiate out to Anne McCabe for delivering an Introduction to the campus—and to Brian M. Goss, Cristina Martínez and Chris Chavez for their introduction messages.

Panel Chairs deserve our appreciation: Cary Barney, Chris Chavez, Teresa Gónzalez, Brian M. Goss, Cameron McCarthy, Joan Pedro, & Pamela Rolfe.

Support Staff & Colleagues who contributed time and effort for which we are eminently grateful: Fernando Béjar, Yolanda Calvo, Anne Dewey, Jessica Erwin, Nacho Espantaleón, Ángel Garcia, Fairouz Medjahed, Mariya Shcherbinina, Daniel Navarro, Arne Saeys & José Luis Tellez.

Thanks to Student Help: ¡Que fuerte! a Matilde Avello, Ana García, Simo Sirvio & Dan Zirkelbach. Murphy Barney, Micheal Dixon and Kelsey Machicado provided assistance at multiple sessions. Eric Guiragossian also furnished vital & spontaneous IT help.  Kelsey, Natasha Assi and Rabab Talal acted as Comandantes of Coffee.

Supporters of the event through attending most or all of the panels across two days and/or social events (with some late arrivals!) include:  Marcus Anthony Brock, Chris Chavez, Vanessa Ciccone, Dale Fuchs, Brian M. Goss, Cameron McCarthy, Miren Manias-Muñoz, Forum Mithani, Ruth Palmer, Joan Pedro, Ramachandran Ponnan, Bryon Sebok, Janet Wasko, & Thomas Weidemann.